What is MTGF?

MTGF is a non profit organization that offers online donation processing on funeral home websites, with donation tax receipting to the donor and fulfillment to any donor-designated CRA-registered charity in Canada.

What is the mission of MTGF?

The mission of MTGF is to facilitate accessible online giving by the public to any of the 85,000 plus CRA-registered charities through its online portal and software, ultimately to maximize charitable giving across Canada.

Is MTGF a registered charity?

Yes, MTGF is a registered charitable foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency. Its BN # is 80481 0893 RR0001.

How did MTGF get started?

The idea for MTGF originated in 2004 when the principals saw the need for online memorial giving in funeral homes and on their websites. Since those early days, MTGF has gone through several major phases of development and growth in helping to fulfill this need in the funeral home sector. Currently, it serves thousands of charities by fulfilling hundreds of thousands of online donations on their behalf.

What does it cost to use MTGF?

MTGF assesses an 8% transaction fee on each donation. This fee covers all payment gateway and credit card charges as well as costs for receipting, banking fees, reconciliation and fulfillment of the donation funds with transfer of donor data to the charity with related details, including whether the donor has provided permission for any further contact from the charity.

Where does MTGF get its list of charities?

MTGF receives its charity database directly from the CRA Charities Directorate and is updated on a frequent regular basis to ensure newly registered charities and de-registered charities are updated on the Foundation’s database software.

Is it secure to donate through the MyTributeGift portal?

Yes. MTGF donation forms and servers are encrypted and secure to Level 4 PCI-compliance for complete security.

How do the donation funds get to the charity?

MTGF mails donation funds to charities via cheque on a monthly basis at the end of each month. Processing the fulfillment usually takes about two weeks. Charities are able to register for direct deposit (EFT) to their banks for faster receipt of funds.

Does the designated charity need to issue a tax receipt to the donor?

No. MTGF issues official donation tax receipts by email to all donors at the time of the transaction, regardless of which registered charity has been designated.

Can a donor give to a non-registered charity through MTGF?

No. MTGF only supports and provides tax receipts for gifts to CRA-registered charities.

How long will it take for a charity to receive their designated funds?

Usually, within two weeks of completion of each calendar month, depending on if the charity had registered for direct deposit (EFT) or not.

Can a donor get a refund of their donation after it has been processed?

No, this is not usually possible due to the fact that a tax receipt has been issued to the donor for the donation in PDF form which is irrevocable and as such not permitted by the CRA.

Why should I use MTGF?

MTGF currently offers a unique service to the funeral home sector allowing family and friends of a deceased to be able to make online memorial donations using a credit card, with designation to any registered charity that either the decedent’s family or the donor has selected on the donation form. This ensures that the gift is received by the charity with automatic notification to the family in a timely manner at the convenience of the donor, whether at the funeral home or from a remote location. Donating online is easier and more reliable and less costly for the organization than writing a check.